Required tools You will need the following tools to complete the installation: doctl: the command-line interface (CLI) for the DigitalOcean API. See: https://github.com/digitalocean/doctl#installing-doctl kubectl: the Kubernetes command line interface used to interact with Kubernetes clusters.

Creating the cluster

The first step is to create a Kubernetes cluster in your DigitalOcean account. You can do this via the user interface: Wait for the cluster to be ready. Alternatively, here’s the doctl CLI command for those who prefer to create clusters without leaving the comfort of their console:

Installing cf-for-k8s

Preparation To prepare to install cf-for-k8s: First, set the context for kubectl on your local machine using the following command: doctl kubernetes cluster kubeconfig save <cluster-name> Next, clone the cf-for-k8s repo from GitHub.

Using your Cloud Foundry

You can check if the Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes is functional by targeting and logging in: cf api --skip-ssl-validation api.padarekha.com cf login You should use the default admin credentials specified in the cf-values.