Installing the CLI

The CLI, or Command Line Interface, is the tool you will use to interact with Cloud Foundry. The CLI runs in a terminal window on your computer and makes REST calls to the Cloud Foundry API.

  • Follow the instructions to install the CLI:

  • You can test that it works by running cf version:

    cf version

    And you will see output similar to:

    cf version 6.50.0+4f0c3a2ce.2020-03-03

The CLI is a self-documenting tool. For example, you can run:

  • cf help to see a list of the most commonly used commands
  • cf help -a to see a list of all the available commands
  • cf <command> --help to see details on using a specific command

Once you have the CLI installed and working, it is time to login to Cloud Foundry.