Cloud Foundry for Developers

This course is designed for developers and DevSecOps engineers looking to quickly and efficiently deploy and manage cloud-based applications. It is aimed at students who are comfortable using command-line tools and familiar with basic cloud computing concepts. While designed specifically for developers and DevOps engineers, it is applicable for anyone looking to learn how to use Cloud Foundry to deploy and manage applications.


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In this module, we prepare students for this course. We review the structure of the course, required prerequisites, and getting access to Cloud Foundry.

Getting Started

In this module, we get started using Cloud Foundry. We introduce the CLI or command-line interface used to interact with Cloud Foundry instances and deploy our first application.

Core Concepts

This module reviews the constructs that allow Cloud Foundry to securely and effectively support multiple users, projects, and tenants.

Application Basics

In this module, we take you through the basics of deploying and managing applications in Cloud Foundry.

Application Lifecycle

In this section, we take you through the lifecycle management of applications in Cloud Foundry


In this module we will look at common capabilities surrounding the management of service instances in Cloud Foundry.

Domains and Routing

In this module, we discuss the use of domains and routes with applications, covering both internal and external facing domains.

Advanced Concepts

In this module, we cover some of the more advanced features of Cloud Foundry.