Advanced Concepts

In this module, we cover some of the more advanced features of Cloud Foundry.

  • Advanced CLI: A look at some of the more advanced features of the CF CLI.
  • Health Checks: App health checks are monitoring processes that continually check the status of a running Cloud Foundry app. This section discusses the different types of healthchecks and their use cases.
  • Tasks: Tasks are finite processes whose code is included as part of a deployed app, but runs independently in its own isolated container.
  • Sidecars: Unlike tasks, sidecars are additional processes that run in the same container the application.
  • Sub-step deployments: Cloud Foundry allows you to take granular control over app pushes; you can choose to perform only some steps of the cf push process, or specific actions normally executed as part of running cf push.
  • Apps with Multiple Processes: Describes how Cloud Foundry enables pushing an app that creates multiple processes from the same codebase.
  • Using Multiple Buildpacks: In instances of multi-language applications, Cloud Foundry allows you to specify multiple buildpacks to be used with that app.
  • App Revisions: App revisions represent code and configuration used by an app at a specific time, and allow you to roll back to previous revisions.