Getting CF

Getting access to Cloud Foundry

You will need access to a Cloud Foundry instance to complete the course. If your company has an instance, you are welcome to use that. Otherwise, we recommend you pick one of the options below that offer free trial.

The “open core” model

Cloud Foundry follows an “open core” model. This means the core functionality in the platform is standardized across all commercial distributions. However, commercial providers can and do provide different services (like databases, message queues, etc). Additionally, commercial providers can disable or enable optional features. While most aspects of the course should work on all platforms, you may run into features that do not work on one of the platforms below.

Hosted Cloud Foundry distributions

The following hosted distributions of Cloud Foundry offer free trials.


SAP offers a free trial of Cloud Foundry through the SAP BTP offering. To sign up, follow the directions to create a trial account.


The a9s Public PaaS offers a free 30 day trial of Cloud Foundry. You can learn more about the offering and sign up here. is a hosted Cloud Foundry instance provided by the General Services Administration of the United States Government. Any US government or military employee (or contractor) with a .gov or .mil email address can get a free trial sandbox account here.